Working with a Crane Rental Agency? Ask These Crane Rental Questions

As much as you can, you want to be involved with your projects, not only to save resources but also to ensure the quality of the results. However, you may not have the luxury of the time, which is why you need the assistance of a professional contractor. Hiring a contractor may be the best option if you want your project to be finished on time, in the safest way possible.

A contractor should look into every detail of the project, making sure all requirements are met. One of the primary responsibilities of the contractor is making sure he hires the most qualified crane rental company. While the contractor looks for the best candidate, it should be responsible for making sure that the crane rental meets the standard qualifications to keep the quality of your project in check.

You should ask the following questions about the crane rental company from your contractor:

Do they have enough experience in the crane rental business?

Hiring an experienced crane rental company comes with a lot of advantages. They know the nitty-gritty of the business, and they have acquired ample experience in handling different situations relative to crane operations. It will give you the peace of mind that your project is being handled by a company with the knowledge and skills necessary for the task. Also, they are well-adept in terms of the permits required for the completion of the job. If it is your first time handling a task like this, they can help you obtain whatever requirements your municipality may ask for.

Further, a rental company will not last in the business for years if they don’t maintain their equipment properly. This gives you an idea that they put effort into keeping their cranes in top condition. You can rest easy that their cranes will not malfunction during the course of the project, and will not endanger the lives of your workers. To add, an experienced rental company has highly-trained operators who can run the cranes, given any situations. You do not have to worry about delays or damages because they have the best people for the job.

You will also require crane riggers for your project. If you work with an experienced company, there is an excellent chance that they have already seen the best riggers for the task, and they can recommend the best ones for your project.

Once the contractor tells you they have found the rental company for your crane needs, make time to look into their qualifications. Don’t settle until you are certain that they are the best fit for the job.

Are their rates affordable?

Make sure that you have discussed your budget with your contractor before they go looking for a crane rental company. Your contractor must have a clear understanding of how much you are willing to shell out for crane rental so that he will not go beyond it. Renting an old crane may be a good option, especially if you don’t want to spend too much on it. However, you have to make sure the crane is in good condition and well-maintained to avoid accidents and delays.

If you have more than enough budget, you can opt for a new crane. They may be on the more expensive end, but they promise efficiency and safety. More modern cranes don’t require extensive labor like older ones do, which means you can save on labor costs.

Keep in mind that different companies may offer their cranes at different rates; that is why it is crucial to get as many quotes for a fair comparison. Look into the price range, as well as the services each company offers and choose the one that provides the most reasonable rate.

It will be smart to work with a rental company with a wide range of cranes. This will give you peace of mind that even if one of their cranes fails to function during the project, they will be able to send one immediately and avoid unnecessary delays.

What safety precautions do they employ?

While cranes offer efficiency, using them also comes with risks that may lead to accidents. You may not be there to oversee the project, but you have to make sure you are aware of the company’s precautionary measures to keep everything in check.

You should start by making sure your contractor rents from a company with properly maintained cranes. Most crane rental companies offer a crane operator together with their unit. Your contractor should only hire a crane operator with adequate experience and knowledge in the job.

You also want to make sure the riggers are customized for the special needs of your project to ensure the accuracy and safety of the outcome. Finally, let your contractor know that you want an insured rental company for a job. This will alleviate you from any financial responsibilities, in case something wrong happens on site. Ask your contractor to obtain a copy of the company’s insurance policy for your protection.

Are there any environmental complications to using cranes?

You still want to consider the environment even if you want your project to get done fast. Let your contractor know to opt-out of old diesel cranes and go for emission-free ones. The cranes should be well taken care of and free from any damages to ensure the safety of your workers and the quality of the results.

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