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Looking for a crane rental can be an easier task than you realize if you know what you’re doing, and you have an idea of what to look for. If you are unsure of what to do, you can experience unnecessary stress, and the process of finding the right crane rental can be more challenging than it should be. When it comes to renting a crane, you should consider several things to avoid things from going wrong.

Consider these useful tips when renting a crane for a hassle-free transaction with the best crane rental in town:

Have a clear picture of what the project will involve

You need to know what you need on-site as well as find out what you need to be successful in your crane rental. Keep in mind that when you rent a crane, you need a rigger and not just a typical crane. A rigger fastens straps, cables, and chains, and performs the lift. Other crane rentals can carry out different tasks, depending on the task on hand. You should be able to communicate your needs clearly with the rigger, to help the rigger determine whether they need more members. It is ideal to get a rigger before a crane. A rigger can help you determine the best crane that fits the project you have.

Obtain as many bids as you can

If you know what you need, you will have a better chance of acquiring competitive bids from different crane rentals. You should talk to as many companies as possible to get reasonable pricing. Whenever you talk to a crane company, you should give them as much relative information as you can and save money in the long run. You can also invite them to do a site visit and see what they can offer.

Book in advance

Make sure that you book your rental in advance to ensure that you are a priority for the cane rental company. You don’t want to find out that they are unavailable on the day that you need them to lift your equipment. 

Get the facility team involved

Your facility team is the biggest help you need to make the project run smoothly. They will be the ones responsible for blocking the areas that you will need in your operations, such as the parking lot. They will also let you know about any union issues that you may encounter and affect your operations. The facility crew can also identify future problems that you don’t realize can happen. 

Schedule lift during working hours

It is best to schedule the lift during office hours. Doing this will help you save on the total cost of the crane rental and hiring a rigger. If you choose to work after normal working hours, this can significantly drive the facility and rigger costs.

Coordinate closely with the transportation of the equipment

You want to know the exact location of everyone at all times, during the transit of the equipment. You should be the contact person for everyone to ensure that you know where the equipment is. It can be too much on your part, but this is the best way to ensure that your equipment is transported safely. Everything should be in the right coordination, from the crane, facilities team, and the equipment being hoisted. You want to make sure that you can contact everyone once you arrived at the destination and avoid waiting around for too long.

Obtaining permit

You need to make sure that you know what your city requires in getting a permit. You may be required to block a road for easier transportation of the equipment, and this will necessitate a permit. Even when you think you know what you need, it is still best to get in touch with your municipality to find out about the permits you will be required to obtain. You may be fined, or your operations may be halted without the proper permit, so the 10 minutes you will spend on the phone will be worth it. 

Prepare the facility

Now that you have everything worked out, you want to make sure the facility is ready for the operation. Be sure that the facility is all ready for the lift. You may need to remove doors, walls, or windows to make the lift easier. You need to let the facility crew know in advance. 


Communication is the key to a smooth operation. Communicate with your operations team, facility crew, and the rigger for a stress-free and hassle-free operation. 

Work only with professionals to be sure that your project is handled well and with care. Provide them with all the information they need, so they have no excuse for performing poorly during the day of the lift. Be proactive. Don’t be the kind of client that doesn’t give the necessary information and end up getting disappointed in the end. 

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