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One of the crucial tasks of a crane operator is to lift and rig materials of various kinds. Depending on the type of project, the materials need to be lifted off the ground to a certain level. The crane operator must have a clear understanding of how lifting and rigging are done because it will directly affect the success of the operation. This will also help you identify which type of crane and rigging machinery is required for the task. 

The crane operator should know more than connecting the rigging to the crane. Every operator must have a full understanding of how a crane works, the maximum capacity it can hold, and other important functions it can perform. Also, the crane should be working at its maximum capacity, without any defects. If there are any issues with the condition of the crane and the operator is not well-experienced, it can result in grave damages and injuries, as well as costly accidents. You should only hire a crane company with years of experience and the proper credentials to perform the job to ensure safety in the worksite. Lifting and rigging is not an easy task. Accidents can happen if the task is not done meticulously, which is why it is crucial to partner with a crane service company that has an in-depth understanding of the basics as well as the technical aspects of lifting and rigging.

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Lifting and rigging are usually used with mobile cranes. They can be used in cranes that are included at the back of a truck or a portable vehicle. Some cranes are semi-permanent installations. These cranes are delivered to the site and installed in a particular location. One example is the Spyder crane that is mostly used in the construction site of high-rise buildings. This type of crane is set up on the highest floor levels and moves along as the height of the infrastructure adds. 

Lifting and rigging are mainly used to relocate items and materials where workers can quickly access them. These practical methods allow workers to perform their job conveniently without having to transport materials to the location manually. It makes the job easier and less risky for the workers on-site.

In addition, lifting and rigging are created to lift heavy materials that may be impossible to carry out using human force. For instance, it will be difficult to manually lift a portable generator to the higher floors of a building. In this situation, the use of lifting and rigging is essential. It is not only difficult to manually lift heavy equipment, but also quite impossible due to the weight of the machinery.

The generator must be rigged carefully and correctly to give allowance for offsets in load-bearing limits that can change depending on the angle of the generator as it is being lifted to the higher floors. Like what we’ve mentioned a while back, it is best to use a mobile crane in this situation. The portable crane can conveniently lift the generator once it is properly connected to the crane.

Standard Crane and Rigging Safety Tips

Lifting and rigging should be done with the utmost safety and precaution in mind to ensure a safe working environment. Every construction company that invests in cranes must keep their cranes in its highest quality before using it in any project. Regular maintenance is crucial to ensure that all parts and functions of the crane perform properly, especially its lifting mechanism, which it’s mostly used for. 

For construction companies that opt for using crane rental Pensacola FL services, it is a must that they choose a company that is reliable and qualified. There is nothing wrong if you ask the crane service to present you the maintenance log for their crane equipment, to ensure that they are properly maintained and can perform at their highest potential.

Regardless if you rent or buy a crane, it is imperative to consider safety not only for the workers on site but also for the property nearby. Make sure that the crane is set up correctly before starting to lift heavy objects. Portable crane trucks should be given the right support to avoid it from overturning, as the materials are being lifted. 

The riggers or the supports are a typical part of the crane truck and can be lowered or extended into place. You have to make sure that the crane is placed on a flat surface before utilizing the riggers. It is also a must for the out-riggers to be placed on level ground to prevent the crane from toppling over. It should be parked on solid and not soft ground so it would not sink as it begins to lift heavy materials. 

After making sure that the crane is parked in the right place, the next thing you should do is to identify the appropriate riggings to use. There are several types of sling and hitch configurations that you can use based on the lifting you require:

Basket Hitching- The basket hitching method is when each sling is fastened to the crane’s hook. This method prevents additional stress on the load being lifted. You can use either a single or double wrap sling, depending on the size of the material that needs to be raised. This method is not ideal to use for objects that cannot be balanced well. 

Choker Hitching- The choker hitching method is where the sling is wrapped around the material and secured in place. This approach is best used for cylindrical objects, but they cannot be lifted all at once for safety reasons. 

Vertical Hitching– The vertical hitching method is where one of the slings is connected to the crane, as well as the other materials that need to be lifted. However, the most common issue when using this method is that the material starts to rotate when lifted. For this reason, this method is rarely used with a crane. What others do is to use variations with other ways to make this method safer and more useful. 

After determining the proper rigging method that needs to be used, the crane operator should next find out the exact weight of the materials or objects that need to be lifted. Keep in mind that every sling has a maximum weight tension limit, and the operator should always consider this before lifting the object. If you exceed this allowable stress limits, the sling can break and cause the materials to fall to the ground and injure anyone on the ground. 

The operator must understand that as the angle changes upon lifting the object, it also changes the maximum stress limits of the slings. Here is an illustration of how the maximum weight tension changes as the angle changes:

90 degrees- The weight is equally distributed at this angle, which means it is safe to lift an object at this rate.

45 degrees- The effectiveness of the sling is reduced to approximately 70 percent of the maximum load limits. It would again not be safe to lift a 1000-pound object, given this angle. By now, you already know that as the degree of lift shifts, the maximum stress limit changes as well. For this reason, you will require more slings or higher rated slings to load and lift this object safely. 

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Please be informed that these are not standard for all cases, but just general examples. Other variables can affect load stresses and not just the ones we’ve mentioned above. As an operator, it is your responsibility to be knowledgeable in the proper calculation of load limits and tensions to avoid accidents during rigging and lifting.

Why Choose the Crane Rental Pensacola FL Trusts for Construction Projects?

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Economy Crane Service Pensacola gives you access to our 3D lift planning offerings. We offer this service to assist you in creating the best plan in using the right type of crane and rigging appropriate for the project you have in mind. We make sure to give you the proper assistance for the materials and equipment that you need to use for your operations. 

Further, 3D lift planning can help you identify the right type of rigging you need to prevent exceeding the maximum lift weight and tension that can result in costly accidents. We can devise a customized plan that will best fit your needs, including:

  • A 3D presentation of the site
  • The exact weight of each item or object you need to lift
  • The correct dimensions of each material that you need to lift
  • Other potential obstructions on-site and their sizes

Aside from these, we can assure you that we provide you with well-maintained and high-quality cranes and rigging equipment. In addition, we will handle the transporting of the cranes and riggings to your job location. In case you opt to buy your own cranes,  we have cranes for sale, or we could lead you to the right company that sells top-notch cranes.

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